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How mediation can help during employment discrimination cases

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2023 | Business And Commercial Law Mediation

Employment discrimination occurs when employers treat individuals differently based on protected characteristics, including race, gender, age, disability, religion or sexual orientation. These challenges lead to costly legal disputes.

Mediation helps resolve employment discrimination cases more efficiently and effectively.

Efficiency saves time and money

In 2022, employees filed 73,485 discrimination cases, costing companies millions of dollars. Traditional litigation drags out these cases for years. Mediation is faster and more efficient. Parties can often reach a mutually acceptable outcome within a few weeks or months. This reduces the time and financial burden of a long legal battle.

Cost-effective resolution

Traditional lawsuits are costly. They involve legal and resource costs and court expenses. Mediation is a cost-effective alternative. It focuses on resolving cases without extended and expensive legal proceedings.

Empowerment through direct participation

Mediation empowers both parties. Neither party can use this information in the future. This confidentiality encourages open and honest communication. Mediation is a less adversarial and confrontational approach. It reduces both parties’ emotional stress. This process establishes a secure and supportive environment for discussions. The complainants and respondents find a solution that they both find acceptable and empowering.

Preserving positive working relationships

Coworkers and supervisors in discrimination cases may want to preserve their working relationships. Mediation protects these relationships and helps create a productive work environment.

Creative binding agreements

Mediation encourages creative problem-solving. It does not only produce monetary settlements. Both parties can offer creative solutions that can include policy adjustments, training or another dispute resolution. The terms of the settlement apply to both parties of a mediation agreement. The dispute is also closed. Both parties should trust in the enforceability of the resolution.

While it is not suitable for every case, mediation is a valuable tool for addressing workplace discrimination and building a fair, inclusive work environment.